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Emily is amazing because she is so funny.  I don't think it shows. On the show, it doesn't show how sarcastic, and how dry, and how funny she is, and sassy.  And that's one of the reasons why I'm so attracted to her, because she's herself -- not because, I mean, I care about a girl who swears or kicks guys out --  I just love how true she is to herself and she doesn't care if there's cameras on her or who's watching.  She is herself and she's sassy when she needs to or when she wants to be.  And she's really funny.

She's gorgeous and she's really good in difficult situations.  She's really composed, and I was really surprised by that. I mean, I had no idea how well spoken she was and how smart she is.  She's really witty, and yeah, all of those things.  She's really faithful and she's a really good mom. 

As you can tell, she talks about Ricki all the time, and that's really important to me. All of those things that I just talked about are really important to me, and then, she honestly is the most amazing girl I've ever met...
As you all can tell, I clearly had a huge crush on Jef from the beginning. It's crazy because in one sense he makes me feel comfortable enough to be myself, but in another way I would get so nervous and awkward around him.  I swear, my whole world could be crashing down and he could read the back of a shampoo bottle and I would immediately feel like everything was going to be okay.
Just like me, there are two sides to Jef and I love that we can bond over so many different things.  The letter Jef wrote me was so perfect. I loved that everything he loved about me had to with my heart and the way I make him feel, not superficial things that undoubtedly will fade.

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